• June 16, 2024

Travel – Day 1 – Ohio

This summer, we are traveling through the Western part of  the U.S. Starting from Ohio, we set out west to visit family and friends at the very edge of Ohio. This is area that is close to New Bremen and Shelby County. Since we live close to Pennsylvania, this was a long drive through route…

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Polaroid 104 Land Camera with flash attached

Polaroid – Back in the 1960s…

Imagine you are living in the 1960s and you want to take a photo.  As you know, you are going to take a few photos, put the film in the mail or drop it off at your local photo lab and wait. Suppose, you don’t want to wait for the film to be sent out…

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2004 Impalla LS B&W photo of passengar side

Gas Mileage Tracking

Question: Commute to work 100 miles/day (total), how much do you spend on gas? Answer: For a 2004 Chevy Impala with 28 ± 2 MPG, it is $0.08 ± 0.01 per highway mile.     By Vendor Company Avg MPG Sheetz 28.35 BP 28.58 Petro 27.16 Pilot 28.82

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Hello world!

Welcome!  I hope you find something interesting.  Explore, Create & Enjoy!

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