• April 23, 2024

Computer Hard Drive Puzzle

hard drive puzzle large pieces

Computer Hard Drive Puzzle

Unleash your inner techie with this mesmerizing Computer Hard Drive Puzzle!
Dive into the heart of technology as you assemble this captivating jigsaw puzzle, showcasing the delicate components that power our digital world. This is the inside of a computer’s hard disk, circa 1998!

This photographic puzzle features the following visual elements:
Spinning Disk: The central platter, adorned with invisible magnetic sectors, spins incredibly fast, and holds the magnetic data.
Read/Write Head: Affixed to the long arm, its tiny copper coil read/write head floats over the platter, altering magnetic regions and reading data back.
Actuator Arm: The arm positions the heads precisely over the desired track location on the platter.
Spindle Motor: The heartbeat of the hard drive, spinning the platters at thousands of revolutions per minute.

This is a Perfect Gift for Geeks, Programmers, IT Enthusiasts, or someone simply intrigued by technology. This puzzle makes an ideal gift. Frame it as wall art or keep it as a conversation starter next to your desk.

Add the Computer Hard Drive Puzzle to your collection today!

Product Details:
Available in 110, 252, 520, or 1014 pieces
Sizes: 8×10.5, 10.59×13.50, 15.98×20.00, and 19.02×28.50 inches
Material: 100% chipboard
Suggested Orientation: Vertical
Glossy laminated finish
Storage box with reference photo

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