• April 23, 2024

Horse, Wild, Arizona, Photograph, Print, Framed

arizona horse photo in a field with oak frame

I took this photo while traveling out in Arizona. We just left Monument Valley and passed by this seemingly random horse on the side of the road. It was just standing there out in the middle of a field, clearly asking for me to capture the moment in a photograph. Wonder where it was heading off towards? Obviously preferring a lonely path into the wilderness.

Why is this photo special? The background was taken hundreds of miles away while driving towards Phoenix. The beautiful grassy lands replaced a muddy looking, sparse, rocky, barren-land that this horse was actually standing in.

This print is available in three sizes and three framing colors, mounting hardware is on the backside, and the framing is made of MDF with an acrylic cover. The paper has a matte finish printed with pigment ink. Note: due to aspect ratios in the prints, the amount of background shown changes slightly between sizes, pick the one that looks best in your space. Note, other items (desk, lamp, etc) in the demonstration photos are not included in the purchase.

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