• July 15, 2024

Excel Macros

Re-sample Data

If you have a large data set that is too big to handle, one option is to downsample it. In this macro, the data is averaged every x number of points. You will loose resolution, but gain with some noise reduction.  Also, many times I suggest for people to collect more data and filter or clean it up later (storage space for data is basically free these days)… recreating the experiment is usually more expensive than a flash drive. (Macro File)

Homework Grade Sheet

An example of a how to use “record macro” to make a homework grading sheet (Macro File).  These can make your life easier.


Time and Project Tracker

This file can be used to track your time and effort.  There are two auto counting macros in this one. Also, there are embedded buttons on the worksheets to call the macros. (Workbook)


House Energy Estimator

Ever wonder how much electricity your house uses?  Can’t figure out why your electric bill is so high?  You can use the House Energy Calculator (Workbook) with example data to estimate the electrical energy consumed in your home.