• April 23, 2024

Notes: Floppy drive information

To have the 5-1/4 floppy disk drive to work with HD formatted disks, here were the jumpers that need changed. This is a Newtronics / Mitsumi Model D509V3 Floppy drive for 5.25″ disks. This drive works with the Feather & Greaseweazle project hardware and software. I was trying to capture flux images on some of…

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Trinket Pro Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Your Desk

So, I wanted to measure the temperature and humidity in my office.  Typically, a simple hygrometer and thermometer could work.  But, how do you log the information?  Paper and pencil?  What happens when I am away?  So, in this project we wire up a small micro-controller, temperature and humidity sensor, screen, and a micro-SD card…

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MacBook Pro Battery Life, 1 Year Old

About a year ago, my workhorse computer started to die.  As its screen dimmed and voltage regulators started screaming, it was time to replace it.  Yes, my always-on, number crunching, Fujitsu Lifebook Tablet started to give out (after its 5th battery, 2nd fan, 3rd hard drive and 2nd set of ram – all easy to replace).  So, I…

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