• May 29, 2024
cooling fan bolted on extruder

3D Printing – Settings, Photos, Problems

With more than expected traffic on the 3D printer setup and instructions… a few comments that might help. PROBLEM: Leak in printer nozzle The printer nozzle initially leaked melted plastic through the threads and later broke when I tried to tighten it… (while it was hot).  If you look at the last photo in the build instructions,…

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Trinket Pro Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Your Desk

So, I wanted to measure the temperature and humidity in my office.  Typically, a simple hygrometer and thermometer could work.  But, how do you log the information?  Paper and pencil?  What happens when I am away?  So, in this project we wire up a small micro-controller, temperature and humidity sensor, screen, and a micro-SD card…

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3D Printing – Anet A8 – Build Instructions

So, I finally purchased a 3D printer… I am old enough to remember when the RepRap project started way back in the early 2000s. You know, before it became a commercialization race.  So, I’ve been watching, waiting, and finally had the free time to start a new hobby. Well, not really.  I’ve got some design…

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