• May 29, 2024

Note: ElasticSearch, Kibana, FSCrawler on TrueNAS

When you finally realize that searching through decades of documents has become a challenge, it is time to acknowledge that you have reached a “big-data” stage. Now, you need some big data utilities to understand, index, search and find out where and what you’ve got. This process is a nightmare. Bits of instructions are scattered…

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view of a desktop screen

Notes: Autostart VNC server on Debian/RPi

To share a desktop on a remote computer using a VNC server. This is done on a Raspberry Pi desktop. The Pi computer auto-starts and logs-into a default user. SSH is already enabled, since the computer is fully remote. If local access, this can be done at the PC. Start with a SSH connection into…

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Notes: Addressing 27C512 EPROM for C64

This tries to explain how to use newer 27C512 EPROMs used with the Commodore 64. The EPROM chips are programmed with at various memory locations. The one for this post holds up to 512 Kilobits of information (arranged in 64K x 8). The memory location are called out by using a 16 digit binary number.…

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