• May 29, 2024
commodore 64 control board showing inside banks of IC chips

Restoring the Commodore 64 – Part 2

TLDR: Broken trace Under a ram chip, Bad Kernel Rom & oscillator IC, random jumper Dead Test Cartridge The dead test cartridge is exactly what it sounds like. You have a dead commodore 64 computer, plug in the cartridge, it runs a rom and program and tells you what the issue is. Remade versions of…

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Commodore 64 Computer showing keyboard and label

Restoring a Commodore 64 – Part 1

Commodore 64 computers were the most popular and best selling computer – in the 1980s. Easy to setup, 8-bit processor, floppy drives, sound chips, games on cartridges, joysticks, a mouse, cassette tapes for cheap program storage, programming books, a graphical interface, modems, hard drives, etc. Before the 8088 PC took off, before Windows, and a…

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