• July 15, 2024

Blue Jay Bird Photographic Puzzle

bluejay photo puzzle larger pieces

Blue Jay Bird Photographic Puzzle – 110, 252, 520, or 1014-piece options

This intrepid Blue Jay (a local and vocal Bird) adorns this photographic nature puzzle. This is a perfect gift for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts and/or bird lovers alike. I took this photo on October 22, 20022 with a Nikon D7200 camera and 600 mm lens!

It features a close-up photograph of a Blue Jay hunting for lunch, complete with vivid details and colors. The nature background makes it especially challenging. It is made of high-quality chipboard and has a smooth and glossy finish. It comes in 4 sizes: small (110 pieces) and medium (252 or 520 pieces) or very large with small pieces (1014 pieces). You can choose the size and skill level that suits your preference.

Blue Jay bird puzzle with a close-up photograph
Made of durable and eco-friendly chipboard
Smooth and glossy surface
Four sizes available: small (120 pieces), medium (252 pieces), medium-large (520 pieces), and large (1014 pieces)
Approx. Dimensions: small (8 x 10 inches), medium (11 x 14 inches), medium-large (20 x 16 inches) and large (28.5 x 19 inches)
Difficulty level: easy to challenging

Suitable toy for adults and kids aged 9 or older
Great for relaxing, learning, and bonding over this relaxing brain game
Ships in a gift-ready box

Decorate your home or office with this beautiful nature artwork when assembled
Share a memorable experience with your family and friends
Improve your visual skills with this challenge


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