• July 15, 2024

Orange River Landscape Art – Surrealistic Landscape

surrealistic wall art orange river landscape photo print white background

This highly interesting artwork is a surrealistic nature inspired martian landscape. A visually disturbing orange river of toxic water flows through a barren lake bed, the gray and depressing wispy clouds adorn the hazy sky that sits majestically above the now crispy earth.

This large format wall art may be that perfectly unique items to give as a gift. Maybe, it will decorate your windowless office walls with something even more disturbing than the harsh working conditions. Or just maybe it is that perfect unique find that will become a perfect wall decoration in your modern art styled home.

This photo was taken in 2006 on B&W Film, developed with traditional chemistry and scanned digital. It features the barren landscape of a freshly drained lake bed in Northeastern Ohio. The summer sun had baked the empty lakebed to a crispy, crackling dust-filled disaster, with an odd mud layer trying to break through. A single stream of dwindling water flowed along the bottom, carrying with it debris, dying fish and the remains of a one beautiful lake – it is hand colored orange to emphasize the fresh devastation. The setting sky is a second photograph, superimposed into background, as the original didn’t have a clear horizon. I think this helps calm the image.

This artwork is printed on finely textured, artist-grade cotton canvas. It is available in multiple sizes, for indoor use, please select the size that best fits your space.

Thanks for Shopping and Enjoy!

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