• July 15, 2024

Sunset over Lake Eire during August (Fall Sunset)

sunset over lake eire during the fall black frame hanging on a wall

This is a photograph of the setting sun over Lake Eire during the fall. Calm, dramatic, and relaxing. A deep orange sun drops slowly into a dark blue – almost black – water, cast upon a purple sky and reflecting clouds. This framed poster print may look stunning in your home, office, living room, or bedroom.

Available in seven sizes with a black frame, these archive-worthy ink and matte photo paper enrich any living or office space. Hanging hardware is included on the backside. The framing is made of MDF, with an acrylic cover. Please note that the aspect ratio is different for each selected frame and print size, some cropping may occur depending on the size you pick – the 11×14 inch is closest to full frame, whereas the 24×16 inch is vertically cropped to fit in the frame. However… pick what looks best in your space! Note, other items (desk, lamp, potted plants, etc) in the demonstration photos are not included in the purchase.

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