• July 15, 2024

Wild Horse Puzzle – Equine Art Photo, Animal Puzzle – Arizona Landscape

equine puzzle horse puzzle large pieces

Wild Horse Jigsaw Puzzle

Enjoy assembling this delightful puzzle featuring a Wild Arizona Horse. The intricate design and sturdy chipboard construction make it a perfect choice for puzzle enthusiasts. Perfect for framing as wall art.

We just left Monument Valley. This random horse was there, on the side of the road, trying to blend in with the Arizona landscape. It was just standing there out in the middle of a field, clearly asking for me to capture the moment. Wonder where it was heading off towards? Obviously preferring a lonely path into the wilderness.

Why is this photo special? The background was taken hundreds of miles away while driving towards Phoenix. So, we have combined the beautiful grassy landscape photograph replaced a muddy looking, sparse, rocky, barren-land that this horse was actually standing in. Resulting in a stunning nature puzzle.


  • Available in: 110 (8.0″ x 10.5”), 252 (10.6″ x 13.5”), or 520 (16″ x 20”) pieces
  • High-quality chipboard material
  • Vibrant colors and precise fit
  • Ideal for both beginners and experienced puzzlers
  • Glossy laminated finish
  • Includes a reference print

Perfect Gift: Surprise a friend or family member with this captivating and challenging puzzle – or treat yourself to a relaxing challenge over a weekend. Give this as gift for equestrian enthusiast. Whether they’re a horse lover or looking for something a nature lover would appreciate, everyone can enjoy the stunning beauty and challenge. Perfect for adults and kids alike to spend quality time over a game they’ll love.

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