• May 29, 2024

Travel – Day 1 – Ohio

This summer, we are traveling through the Western part of  the U.S. Starting from Ohio, we set out west to visit family and friends at the very edge of Ohio. This is area that is close to New Bremen and Shelby County. Since we live close to Pennsylvania, this was a long drive through route 30… With lots of rain…


Did I mention that we had lots of rain… The fields were soaked.


One key highlight was the Maria Stein Countryfest in Maria Stein, Ohio. This community wide picnic featured Tractor Square Dancing. Where a group preforms a square dance on tractors. That is, driving tractors to mimic square dancing. The thrill is watching the skill level of folks ride tractors at high speeds in circles. This years, it was wet. It had been raining and the mud was scraped off into piles around the dancing “floor.”