• April 23, 2024

2016 – Year End Economic Review

Data Log Everything… 2016 ended and we now review how the savings & spending went.  Like any stereotypical older millennial, borderline traditionalist, that experienced an economic crash, we save as much as possible and try to spend in the most responsible method imaginable.  This means not living on my own, avoiding a car loan payment…

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2004 Impalla LS B&W photo of passengar side

Car Air Conditioner Condenser Replacement – 2004 Impala

Some time before last summer, that is way back in 2014 the air conditioner on my 2004 Impala went out. And, I put in a can of dye to see where the leak was at. No luck, I could hear the leak, but I didn’t see anything… After toasting for most of last summer and…

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Cooling A Flask?

So, you have a flask (maybe it contains some chemical) and you want to cool the flask. The obvious answer is to place it in a refrigerator. However, you want to keep it on a magnetic stir plate, which every well stocked kitchen has on hand.  You do have a few options, the first is…

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