• April 23, 2024

Fuel Tracking – June 2016 – Chart

June Gasoline Use and Statistics:

MPG and Gas Price as of June 2016

Since MPG is usually related to operating temperatures, with colder temperatures being less efficient for automobiles. We can see a nearly linear correlation between the average daily temperature and the car’s fuel efficiency (MPG). From this relation we see the MPG is 25.128 plus the temperature times 0.087.  Next month, the temperatures may increase. We can start see a slight tapering off, at temperatures above 55F. This might indicate a plateau, where temperature no longer has a major effect… More data is needed…

MPG vs Temperatuer Correlation as of June 2016

Table Data:

Distance driven (miles)2,764
Fuel used (gallons)89.739
Efficiency (MPG)30.80 ± 1.5
Fuel cost ($)$221.89
Average fuel cost per gallon ($/gal)$2.47
Carbon dioxide released (LBS)*1,586
CO2 efficiency (LBS/mile)0.574

*Assumes 10% ethanol for 17.68 lbs-CO2/gallon.