• July 15, 2024

Chevy Volt – One+ Year of Data

Analysis of a 2014 Chevy Volt.  The 2004 Impala didn’t quite look good parked in the lot next to the BMWs, Teslas, and Range Rovers… I changed jobs.  No longer at a university, it was time to upgrade to a vehicle that had a higher reliability (newer) and didn’t have quite so many rusty spots. …

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Fuel Tracking – 2016 – End of Year

Three months into winter up here in the North and the MPG takes a dive! All 2016 data is based on a highway commute averaging 2,468 ± 247 miles per month.  This was done over the same stretch of highway, in the same 2004 V6 Impala LS, with the same driver, at about the same times each day.…

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Fuel Tracking – October 2016 – Chart

Winter reaches the North and we switch to winter blend gas.    

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Fuel Tracking – July 2016 – Chart

July Gasoline Use and Statistics: Table Data: *Assumes 10% ethanol for 17.68 lbs-CO2/gallon.

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Fuel Tracking – June 2016 – Chart

June Gasoline Use and Statistics: Since MPG is usually related to operating temperatures, with colder temperatures being less efficient for automobiles. We can see a nearly linear correlation between the average daily temperature and the car’s fuel efficiency (MPG). From this relation we see the MPG is 25.128 plus the temperature times 0.087.  Next month, the…

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2004 Impalla LS B&W photo of passengar side

Car Air Conditioner Condenser Replacement – 2004 Impala

Some time before last summer, that is way back in 2014 the air conditioner on my 2004 Impala went out. And, I put in a can of dye to see where the leak was at. No luck, I could hear the leak, but I didn’t see anything… After toasting for most of last summer and…

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