• April 23, 2024

Fuel Tracking – 2016 – End of Year

Three months into winter up here in the North and the MPG takes a dive!

All 2016 data is based on a highway commute averaging 2,468 ± 247 miles per month.  This was done over the same stretch of highway, in the same 2004 V6 Impala LS, with the same driver, at about the same times each day.  My commute to work is about an hour each direction.  In Total for this year: I used 1,009 gallons of gas, drove 29,624 miles, and spent $2,171 on fuel.  Yea, this car has about 289,000 miles.

In November the Walmart Goodyear Viva 2 tires were replaced with new Douglas All Season Tires… a much smoother ride.  The rear bearings were also replaced in November (much quieter now), the A/C condenser in June, and oil every month (except for March and October), rear brakes were completely rebuilt (including emergency cables) in April.  Tire pressure is 30 PSI… that is critical for a good efficient ride.


Average miles per gallon (MPG) continues it sharp decline into the winter months. The gas prices are mostly stable, with a slight holiday inspired uptick.


Average MPG generally follows the average temperature for the month… with some deviation at the upper ends. Oct, Nov, Dec generally fall on the line, as expected.