• May 29, 2024

Notes: Addressing 27C512 EPROM for C64

This tries to explain how to use newer 27C512 EPROMs used with the Commodore 64. The EPROM chips are programmed with at various memory locations. The one for this post holds up to 512 Kilobits of information (arranged in 64K x 8). The memory location are called out by using a 16 digit binary number.…

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Trinket Pro Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Your Desk

So, I wanted to measure the temperature and humidity in my office.  Typically, a simple hygrometer and thermometer could work.  But, how do you log the information?  Paper and pencil?  What happens when I am away?  So, in this project we wire up a small micro-controller, temperature and humidity sensor, screen, and a micro-SD card…

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Excel Automation – VBA to Help Make Surface-Plots

Imagine that you have a complicated excel spreadsheet that might have more than one variable and calculates a numerical output. And, you would like to make a surface plot of the result as the two variables change. Surface plots are useful for displaying complicated data that tend to change a function of 2 or more parameters.…

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